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It is both my professional and personal opinion that true beauty originates from within. As your makeup artist, my intention is to enhance and elevate your own unique beauty features to show you just how beautiful you truly are. 

Your experience with me will be relaxing, fun and completely catered to your own individual needs and desires. I strive to ensure that when you step out of my chair and take that first look in the mirror, that you are met with the return gaze of the most gorgeous, confident and strikingly beautiful version of you!

Maryland Makeup Artist and model


Ever since a young age, I've always had a deep love and appreciation for the arts. I have fond memories of my late grandfather teaching me how to color inside the lines of a coloring book, and of my late grandmother teaching me how to cross-stitch. Growing up, I naturally gravitated to anything that allowed me to be creative and express myself. 

In 2008, I discovered the beauty & fashion community on YouTube, which, at the time, was only a couple years old! Naturally, I found myself obsessed and spent all my free time watching makeup tutorials and fashion videos from the OG “YouTube Beauty Gurus”. Through watching these videos, I taught myself how to do makeup. I absolutely fell in love with makeup and the artistic freedom it gave me, so much so, that in 2010 I decided to make my own YouTube channel! After a few years of filming makeup tutorials and being asked to do makeup for my friends and family, I knew I had to turn my passion into something more. In 2014, I obtained my professional makeup artist certification through the Von Lee School of Aesthetics, and thus Allison Pecore Artistry was born.

Now, let's get a little deeper.


I'm a 30-something-year-old, 50% Filipino, 50% Swedish/Italian, 100% Taurus, multi-passionate human from Ellicott City, MD. You can find me rocking out in the GA-pit at live music shows, or on the rock climbing wall at Earth Treks. Pre-pandemic, I was an avid traveler, with my heart split between the Colorado mountains and the turquoise Philippine Sea. Oh yeah, I'm also a full-time Registered Nurse specialized in radiation oncology, and while I love caring for people, makeup is truly what sets my soul on fire! When I'm not working and am settled at home, you can find me and my fiancé, Rick, either cooking up a yummy dish in the kitchen or curled up on the couch with our two cat children, likely watching Schitt's Creek or literally any trash TV program.

Beauty is a  FEELING.




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Deep Red Paint
Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. - Kahlil Gibran

some of my favorite things...

Enough about me, I'd love to hear about you!


Marble Surface



Allison came highly recommended by a colleague who got married a few months before I did. We had a practice session and I explained that I wear very little make up and wanted to look like me, only better. Allison tried many different looks, offered great suggestions, and was extremely patient throughout the session. On my wedding day, Allison did my makeup as well as my mom's. We both looked natural and felt beautiful. We looked just as great after the reception as we did before the ceremony. Allison is very professional and I felt very at ease during the whole process. I highly recommend Allison for any make up needs!

Janet Waksmunski

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